Sealpod Nespresso® Coffee Pod Foil Lids x100

  • £8.99

1 pack of 100 foil lids for SealPod Nespresso® Compatible Capsules. These are genuine SealPod sticker lids that result in a good quality espresso with a rich crema.

Instructions for use:

After filling your SealPod with coffee, press it down firmly with the back of your spoon, stick a lid on and pop your pod into your machine like normal. Your machine will pierce the foil lid when the handle is depressed.

After you've brewed your coffee, don't forget to get your SealPod out of your Nespresso® machine basket! Once it's cool enough, remove the lid and wash out your pod ready for its next use.

Try SealPod today with our beautifully roasted Maverick coffee. Select fine grind for any of our coffee blends for the Nespresso SealPods.