Rotating Coffee Subscription

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Do you get bored of drinking the same coffee? Or do you want to try all of our blends and find your favourite? Our rotating variety coffee subscription is the answer!

Once you have tried all of the blends, you can continue with the rotation or you can edit your subscription by choosing your favourite blend.


The No.4 is our Fairtrade house blend. A medium-roast with a smooth nutty flavour, this coffee has a subtle sweetness and a pleasant finish.

ORIGIN: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica. 100% Arabica. Fairtrade.

TASTING NOTES: Subtle flavour notes of caramel, almond and hazelnut.



The No.17 is our signature blend. A heavy bodied, punchy coffee and a popular choice for those that love a strong tasting cup of coffee.

ORIGIN:Ethiopia, Brazil, Latin America. 20% Robusta.

TASTING NOTES: Subtle hint of blackberry & dark chocolate notes.



Smooth and fruity, this coffee has a complex juicy body with great sweetness throughout and subtle notes of dark chocolate in the finish. We recommend the No.33 for a filter coffee.

ORIGIN: Colombia. 100% Arabica.

TASTING NOTES: Subtle flavour notes of apple, blackcurrant, toffee and chocolate.


This coffee is available as 6 different grind types:

- Whole beans
- Fine (for espresso)
- Medium (for filter)
Coarse (for cafetiere)
- Nespresso SealPod (for reusable SealPod capsules)
- Dolce Gusto SealPod (for reusable SealPod capsules)

Please choose your preferred grind-size from the drop-down menu when ordering. If you are unsure, read our 'Grind Guide'.

We are proud to say that our coffee pouches can be recycled with your household mixed plastics. You can find out more about our coffee packaging here.

Start a subscription and save 20% off your first order, and 10% off every order after that.