Maverick Coffee: Perfect for Pods Decaf

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PERFECT FOR PODS: fresh coffee, recyclable packaging, free delivery.

You will get up to 50 cups of coffee using a Nespresso® reusable capsule.

ORIGIN: Brazil, 100% Arabica.

TASTING NOTES: Subtle flavour notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Perfect for Pods Decaf has notes of peanut and chocolate with a medium body and low acidity. Perfect as a morning, afternoon and bedtime drink.

We'll grind to the perfect consistency for the following pods:
Nespresso® reusable pod
- Dolce Gusto® reusable pod

Our coffee is roasted 1-2 weeks prior to delivery. This allows the coffee to de-gas (carbon dioxide is released from the beans) and means it reaches you at the optimal time to brew it.

We are proud to say that our coffee pouches can be recycled with your household mixed plastics. You can find out more about our coffee packaging here.

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