Maverick Coffee: Perfect for Pods Decaf

  • £7.50

PERFECT FOR PODS: fresh coffee, recyclable packaging, free delivery.

You will get up to 50 cups of coffee using a Nespresso® reusable capsule.

ORIGIN: Brazil, 100% Arabica.

TASTING NOTES: Subtle flavour notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Perfect for Pods Decaf has notes of peanut and chocolate with a medium body and low acidity. Perfect as a morning, afternoon and bedtime drink.

We'll grind to the perfect consistency for the following pods:
Nespresso® reusable pod
- Dolce Gusto® reusable pod

We are proud to say that our coffee pouches can be recycled with your household mixed plastics. You can find out more about our coffee packaging here.

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