Coffee & Chocolate Gift Set

  • £14.50

Our two favourite things in the world! A delicious 54% Dark Chocolate Tablette from Noble and Stace, and your choice of any 250g bag of Maverick Coffee.

Choose from:

No.4 - ORIGIN: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica. 100% Arabica. Subtle flavour notes of caramel, almond and hazelnut.

No.17 - ORIGIN: Ethiopia, Brazil, Latin America. 20% Robusta. A subtle hint of blackberry & dark chocolate notes.

No.33 - ORIGIN: Colombia. 100% Arabica. Subtle flavour notes of apple, blackcurrant, toffee and chocolate. We recommend the No.33 for a filter coffee.

No.21 Decaf - ORIGIN: Brazil. 100% Arabica. Subtle flavour notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Select your grind size from the drop down menu to ensure you get the grind that's right for your brew method.