AeroPress Coffee Maker (with a free 250g bag of our house coffee)

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We love an Aeropress here at Maverick Coffee Co.

Whether you are at home, in the office, at a campsite or on an epic road trip; it makes one cup of fantastic, flavoursome coffee quickly and easily.

This quirky coffee device is perfect for making a quick one-cup filter coffee; coffee is steeped in a tube and then forced through a filter with a plunger. It produces an easily disposable puck of coffee (as simple as removing the cap and pushing the plunger) and can be cleaned in a matter of seconds.

This AeroPress includes a 250g our most popular No.4 house coffee. We will grind this perfectly for use with the AeroPress.

We recommend a fine grind for this beauty! Select fine grind when ordering Maverick Coffee (we will also send you a Maverick brew card telling you how to get the best results from this Aeropress).

We also stock Aeropress filter papers.

Product features

  • Brand: Aerobie
  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Size: 2-cup
  • Brew time: 1 minute
  • Filter: Aeropress Microfilter (x350 included)
  • Filter lifespan: single use
  • Micro filtration means grit free coffee

Includes: Aeropress coffee maker, mixer chamber, filter cap, plunger, filters (x350), filter holder, finnel, stir stick, coffee scoop, instructions.

Instructions for using an Aeropress

1) Rinse filter
Place filter in basket and rinse with hot water to remove paper taste. Screw basket to brew chamber.

2) Invert the Aeropress
When in position, add the coffee to basket using the funnel and give it a wiggle to flatten the coffee bed.

3) Pour
Pour the hot water slowly until half full and give the mixture a stir to remove any clumps. Pour hot water slowly to fill remainder of tube.

4) Brew
Wait just over a minute while the magic happens.

5) Plunge
Rest the Aeropress on top of your cup and push down to plunge until it stops.

6) Serve and enjoy

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