Home Brewing masterclass

One-to-one home brewing masterclass

Alternative brewing methods are becoming an increasingly popular part of the specialty coffee scene in the UK. It can also be the easiest and cheapest method to brewing coffee at home and you can get some of the most exciting and delicious flavours. In this informative and hands-on class, you will explore some of the most popular brewing methods, with a tailored end to the training session to focus to your preferred brewing method.

alternative brewing methods - 90 mins, £200.

  • Selecting and grinding coffee for each method
  • Pour over
  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Cold Brew

We will cover how temperature affects flavour, how agitation increases extraction, and how time plays a big part with sweetness.

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*One-to-one training at home is currently only available to customers residing in the counties of Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Please complete the form for a quote and don't forget to include your address.