Frequently Asked Questions


What grind size is best for my SealPod capsule?

  • Nespresso® SealPod Capsules – we recommend a fine-medium grind for the perfect extraction and flavour.
  • Dolce Gusto®  SealPod Capsules – we recommend a medium grind for the perfect extraction and flavour.


Why SealPod over cheaper branded pods on the internet?

Cheaper brand pods have been known to damage machines and our customers often tell us they wish they tried SealPod first. Not only this, but the quality of coffee produced from these cheaper pods are poor and inconsistent. SealPod is the leading brand for producing the best coffee using refillable pods and comes out on top according to Which. 

The coffee is dripping out slowly – what am I doing wrong?
There could be a few reasons for this so here are some troubleshooting tips:

1. Try tamping with less pressure
2. If that fails, try putting a little less coffee in the capsule
3. Failing that or alternatively, if you have a grinder, try making the grind a little but more coarse. 


The coffee is coming out very quickly – what am I doing wrong?
There could be a few reasons for this so here are some troubleshooting tips:

1. Try tamping with more pressure
2. If that fails, try adding a little more coffee in the capsule and tamp again
3. Failing that or alternatively, if you have a grinder then try making the
grind a bit finer.

We always recommend having a good play with your grind-size and filling process, making little tweaks until you get the perfect extraction from your pods. It may take a little bit of trial and error, but we promise you'll get there and you can get fantastic results from them.


Can I use SealPod to brew tea?
Absolutely! SealPod is designed for both coffee and loose leaf tea. We recommend using high grade tea leaves that are suitable to brew at 88 degrees. We recommended tamping very lightly once you fill the capsule with the tea leaves. Press the button and turn it off when you are happy with the desired volume and strength.

Please note: You need to use the paper lids for brewing tea and not the foil lids used for coffee.

Why can’t I use the biodegradable paper lids for brewing coffee?
The paper lids impact the flavour and create a weaker tasting coffee with little crema. For that reason, the foil lids are always recommended when brewing coffee. If you do want to use the paper lids for brewing coffee, we recommend a double shot (using two capsules).

Will SealPod capsules damage my machine?
With proper use, SealPod capsules will not damage your machine. SealPod is compatible with most Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® machines and you can check compatibility here.

Single-use Nespresso® capsules are designed to be punctured at the base of the pod using a three piercing blade in the capsule machine. This allows water to enter the pod. The foil lid is then pierced to release the espresso from the pressurised build up of coffee and water. SealPod refillable capsules have a shorter design than the disposable capsules. The machine blade never touches our reusable pod. The unique design of our capsules will not damage your Nespresso® machine when used as instructed. Closing your machine may seem a little more difficult depending on the model. This tight fit is necessary and designed for optimal performance and compatibility. However, the silicone ring may be removed if it’s too snug, when using an older machine if necessary.

Why does SealPod use an aluminium foil instead of a reusable lid?
The sticker lid allows for a high pressure to build-up when the lid is pierced. This ultimately allows for an excellent brew, crema and intensifies the flavour of the espresso which is the reason why SealPod is the leading reusable coffee pod brand.

Why are the scoops/tamper made out of plastic?
This is something that might change in the future, should there be a demand for it. The cost of purchasing SealPod would increase quite significantly if the scoop were made of stainless steel. After lots of market research and deliberating, it was evident that you (the consumer) want a more affordable option. It's important to remember - despite the scoop being made of plastic, it is not for single-use and should last for the duration of the coffee pod life.

What are the black silicon covers used for?
These are called 'fresh covers' which you fit on the pod to keep them fresh when they are pre-filled. They also act as little holders so the SealPod capsule can sit securely on the worktop while you are prepping or storing the pod. The silicon stops the pod from slipping or falling over - nobody wants coffee everywhere!

If pre-filling your pods for using later, we recommend also storing them in a cool, dark place to help keep the coffee fresh.


Which coffee is best to use with my SealPod capsule?
This really is down to personal taste. Some people prefer their coffee super strong to wake them up in the morning whilst others prefer a mellow, easy drinking coffee.

We recommend our bespoke range of 'Perfect for Pods' coffee which have been specially selected for SealPod and other reusable pods.  We offer a range of freshly roasted, unique blends, which we will grind perfectly for both SealPod Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® capsules. You can also set up a coffee subscription so you never have too run out of coffee again.

Alternatively SealPod allows you to explore and embrace the freedom of coffee choice. You might have a favourite coffee shop down the road. Why not speak to the barista about SealPod and asking them to grind your favourite beans for you to enjoy at home in the capsules? 


How should I store my coffee? 

Our resealable bags should keep the coffee fresh so ling as it is sealed up. The bags are designed perfectly for this which have the one-way valve. However, you can also transfer this to an airtight container if you prefer. The perfect conditions to keep it fresh is in a cold, dark place like a kitchen cupboard (away from sunlight). If you can choose a cupboard away from the oven or kettle then even better!

We don't recommend storing coffee in the fridge or freezer. Coffee doesn't like moisture and the temperature change from taking the coffee in and out of the fridge can cause condensation and moisture which will impact on flavour. 


If you still have questions that haven't been answered here, get in touch! We're always happy to help.