Coffee For Office & Home Workers

A fantastic way new way to reward your employees for all their hard work. 

We are pleased to offer this brand new scheme for UK businesses. What's more, it's so easy to use. We have two different schemes to choose from:

  • Pay in advance for your homeworker's coffee and they order directly from us
  • Order coffee in bulk for your office

You'll benefit from:

  • 10% discount off RRP for UK businesses
  • It's a fantastic office perk for your staff
  • Your staff get freshly roasted 'proper' coffee every morning
  • We'll grind it perfectly for your office brew method (filter machine, cafetiere etc)
  • No tie-ins or contracts
  • Free UK delivery
  • A free report at the end of each period so you can see how popular the scheme has been

We'll design you a custom email to send to your employees explaining how the scheme works, and a link for them to order their coffee directly from our website.

Coffee for your home-workers

Are your staff working from home? Not a problem. Think of this scheme like a tab. You pay up-front for your companies coffee and your staff order directly from us, which we'll post to their homes. We'll give you a report at the end of the period so you can see which of your staff has used the scheme and how often.

Ask us about our luxury tea which can also be used for this scheme. 

Select your package below based on your business size to pay up-front. We'll then email you a unique company code and instructions for your team to begin ordering.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please give us a call on 07788 293 003 or send us a message at the bottom of this page.

Select yOur packages


20 bags of coffee
Best for approximately 10 employees
(2 bags each per month)



100 bags of coffee
Best for approximately 50 employees
(2 bags each per month)



200 bags of coffee
Best for approximately 100 employees
(2 bags each per month)


Coffee delivered to your office

Alternatively, if you'd like coffee delivered in bulk to your office, you can go for this option instead. You pay up-front based on the number of staff you have, and we'll deliver freshly roasted coffee to your office each week. When you run out, simply place another order. 

To qualify for a wholesale discount, we require a minimum order of 6 x 700g bags. 

Please email us on or call us on 07788 293 003 to set up a wholesale account. Alternatively use the contact form below and we'll get back to you.

10% discount on our RRP and free delivery to your office. No tie-ins or fixed contracts, just total flexibility and amazing coffee!

We'll also send you a report at the end of every month to show you how successful the scheme has been.