Barista Training at home

Own a barista machine and want to learn how it REALLY works?
Why not arrange for our expert trainer to come and show you?

One-to-one Barista Training in your own home £200

Are you an expert at drinking coffee but a complete novice on how to steam the perfect cappuccino milk? Perhaps you have had enough of paying thousands per year on takeaway coffees and you want to learn to make your perfect cup at home and save money? Or it might be that you simply want to learn a new hobby and you are passionate about good coffee? We've got you covered.

If you have a barista coffee machine at home, we may be able to offer you one-to-one barista training in the comfort of your own home*. We offer a fun, exciting and highly caffeinated barista training course for beginners by our expert barista trainers who share years of industry experience.

Beginner Barista at Home - 2-3 hours

  • A small introduction to coffee
  • Grinder overview
  • The importance of grind size
  • Tamping
  • Coffee extractions
  • Milk steaming techniques
  • Latte art basics
  • Coffee machine cleaning

A maximum of 2 people are able to attend per training package.

Barista training is currently only available to customers residing in the counties of Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Please contact us before booking the course to ensure we can accommodate your request and we will get back to you with some available dates. Once we have confirmed a date and time, you can go ahead and pay for your training using the below link.

If you don't yet have a coffee machine but you fancy playing the role of the barista for the day then fear not! Our partners and close friends at Roasted in Sussex have an incredible training room, offering one-to-one or group barista courses. We would be happy to organise this for you so simply fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly.