About Us

How It All Started


Maverick Coffee Co was born in 2014 by Pippa, who made it her mission to serve amazing coffee from her little blue Piaggio Ape. Pippa worked hard to create the Maverick brand, and her little van soon became well-known among festival-goers and local communities all across the south of England.

Fast forward a couple of years and Maverick has been turned into a beautiful online shop, selling not only coffee, but gorgeous kitchenware, brew equipment and machines. Natalie (Pippa's sister) jumped on-board having experience in online retail, graphic design and illustration. They've pooled their talents, working together on creating a new brand identity for Maverick, building a new website and finding the perfect products that Maverick customers would want to buy. 


The Maverick Ethos

Here at Maverick, our aim is simple...We want to deliver amazing coffee, kitchenware and coffee machines to the home market. After all, why should only the big companies and cafes have access to all the best stuff? We want our customers to understand the value in buying great quality coffee, and ultimately, refuse to drink ordinary.

Maverick coffee is lovingly grown and nurtured by talented and professional farmers, then purchased at fair and sustainable prices. Freshness has an impact on flavour, that’s why all our coffees are ground and packed within 7 days of roasting.


What Do We Offer?

We sell to the home market - no workplaces or big companies here. We want to provide amazing coffee for your home, and we can provide all the tools, equipment and supplies you need to do that. We offer a subscription service so you'll never run out of coffee. 



But Why Choose Maverick Over A Department Store?

Because quite simply, we have the knowledge and expertise about coffee that their staff don't have. We can recommend the right product for you, and we know how to use it.  We even offer installation and one-to-one barista training in your own home, so you'll know exactly how to make that perfect cup from day 1 of owning your new kit. Awesome, right? We think so.


Why Buy Our Coffee Vs Supermarket Coffee?

Supermarket coffee might have been roasted 6 -12 months ago, meaning the beans might actually be stale by the time it’s in your kitchen at home. Fresh is always best when it comes to coffee and we strive to send you our delicious coffee within 2 weeks of roasting, for the ultimate tasting brew!

We have unique blends that have been lovingly created after hours of roasting and experimentation ….. and some more hours of roasting and brewing. We are proud of our amazing coffee and will only ever send you what we would be happy to drink ourselves (and we are true coffee snobs)! We don’t use the cheapest beans going because we won’t compromise on flavour & quality over price.

Coffee shouldn’t just be a quick fix for that morning caffeine hit, it should be an experience so you can sit back, relax, be in the moment and enjoy.