Sealpod Dolce Gusto® Filter Papers x200

  • £5.95

1 pack of 200 filter papers for SealPod Dolce Gusto® Compatible Capsules.

Instructions for use:

  1. Place the strainer (looks similar to a bottle top) into the pod base
  2. Place the strainer into the pod base. Place the strainer concave side for espresso OR covex side for americano.
  3. Place the filter on top
  4. Fill with one scoop of coffee. Wiggle the pod to flatten the coffee and tamp down with the base of the scoop.
  5. Place the stainless steel lid on top (little holes are in this lid)
  6. Cover with the black rubber lid, pushing firmly in place around the outer edge.
  7. Place in Gusto tray. Align the rubber hole in the lid with the centre.
  8. Brew and enjoy!

Try SealPod today with our beautifully roasted Maverick coffee. Select fine grind for any of our coffee blends for the Gusto SealPods.