Coffee for Reusable Pods

We are specialists when it comes to finding a good coffee to refill your reusable coffee pods. Our Perfect for Pods coffee is stronger tasting than most, that has been roasted for longer to create a darker bean.  A stronger bean is essential when using these small refillable coffee pods, to ensure you are getting a great flavour and a true caffeine hit.
GRIND: Each reusable coffee pod requires a different grind size for the perfect extraction and flavour. Simply select your coffee and capsule type so that we can grind your coffee for your exact requirements.
FRESH: We ensure our freshly roasted coffee beans are sent out quickly without sitting on the shelf for long, unlike some supermarkets. We even grind our coffee 'to order', ensuring it really is fresh!
Our Perfect for Pods coffee is suitable for all types of reusable coffee capsules including SealPod, WayCap, My-Cap, EverGreen, Alchemy and more.  
The icons below indicate which brew method is best suited to each one.



Not sure which coffee is right for you? Use our handy quiz to help you decide.