Wholesale Tea for UK Businesses

Wholesale Tea for UK Businesses

Are you looking for a new tea supplier? We provide our beautiful tea in biodegradable pyramid tea bags for hotels, cafes, restaurants and any other UK business.

We have different options available - either bulk buy 100 tea bags or our refill packs contain 18 tea bags which are a great option for retail shops. Each of our blends has it's own eco-tube available to buy, which can be filled with 18 tea bags. Our refill packs (made of NatureFlex™ that is 100% compostable) mean your customers can keep coming back with no need to buy another tube, therefore reducing the amount of packaging being produced and recycled.

If your business has a lot of eco-conscious customers, Maverick Tea will be a big hit!

Our Beautiful Eco-tubes

Each of our blends can be bought and stored in it's own unique eco-tube. These are made from cardboard with a foil inner lining to keep the tea bags fresh. You only ever need to buy one eco-tube to store in the cupboard or display on the shelf, then simply buy our refill packs and fill them up when you run low.

Cardboard Tea Eco-Tubes


100% Biodegradable Pyramid Bags

Did you know that the large majority of tea bags you buy from the supermarket contain some element of plastic? We're pleased to say that our pyramid bags are completely plastic-free! Ours are made from PLA (polyatic acid) which originates from organic sources and are completely biodegradable and compostable. 

Biodegradable Wholesale Pyramid Tea Bags


100% Compostable NatureFlex ™ Bags

Natureflex Compostable Bags

Our tea is packaged in a NatureFlex™ home compostable bag which is robust and versatile. These bags look like plastic, but are in fact a clear greaseproof film made from wood pulp. Pop it in your home compost bin where it will break down.

To find out more about our team register for a trade account and buy our tea at wholesale prices, head over to the Maverick Wholesale website.