What is crema in coffee?

What is crema in coffee?

Have you wondered why there is sometimes a lovely crema on top of your coffee? This is particularly evident with Espresso and Americano's.



When coffee beans are roasted, it creates carbon dioxide that over time, de-gasses out of the beans. This is why coffee bags have a one way valve so that the gas can be released without letting oxygen in. When coffee is exposed to oxygen it can start to stale.

However, despite the gases escaping as soon as the coffee is roasted, there is still some carbon dioxide left in the coffee. 

When we make an espresso using a pod or espresso coffee machine, the high pressure of water mixes with the carbon dioxide. This creates tiny bubbles and emulsifies the coffee oils, which are released from the ground coffee beans.

This results in a creamy looking layer on the top of your espresso, similar to a pint of Guinness. It doesn't always happen and it can change depending on the coffee you are using.

A coffee with a good crema does not necessarily indicate the quality of the coffee though. There has long been a stigma that a crema indicates an excellent coffee. This is not always the case and the crema can be affected by quite a few factors including:

  • The coffee is freshly roasted. When the coffee is really fresh, the gas is still being released from the beans and when mix



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