UK Home Workers can now benefit from a Coffee Subscription Service, Courtesy of their Employer

UK Home Workers can now benefit from a Coffee Subscription Service, Courtesy of their Employer


Since the start of the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. The Government has advised us all to work at home if we can, for a second time since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

For many, this is a huge adjustment where we are used to spending five days a week in the office. Spare bedrooms, summerhouses and dining tables across the UK are turning into home offices in order to adapt to this new way of life. 

Some love working from home and some hate it. Either way it looks like this new office home-worker environment is here to stay for some time.





Coffee plays an important role in many people’s working day, whether it be in an office environment, at meetings, in the car or at home.

Coffee contains caffeine which acts as a stimulant and is high in antioxidants. This stimulant boosts energy levels, increases concentration and improves creativity. This results in a more engaged, creative and energised workforce!

In the last ten years, employers have increasingly recognised the importance and benefits of good quality coffee at the workplace. Many office kitchens now feature a coffee machine that grinds fresh coffee beans on-demand and is available every minute of the work day.

It’s often so popular that there is now a queuing system first thing in the morning when employees are craving an early morning caffeine hit.




As well as adjusting to a new working environment for office staff, home office workers are also adjusting to a lack of good quality, freshly roasted coffee as well as a good caffeine hit.

80% of UK households purchase instant coffee for home consumption according to the British Coffee Association*. This means that the majority of home office workers are now drinking instant coffee instead of their freshly roasted beans provided at the office. 

According to Caffeine Informer, there is around 57mg of caffeine in an average teaspoon of instant coffee**. Compare this to a cafe quality coffee, using freshly roasted arabica beans (used in many offices), and the caffeine content is much higher between 62-272mg per cup***.

That’s a huge difference! This means that many office home workers are missing out on their good quality coffee as well as their caffeine ‘hit’. 




So is the poorer standard of home coffee having an impact on home workers energy levels, performance and concentration? It’s impossible to link this directly to coffee because there are so many changes and variants that have disrupted our way of normal office working. For example, change of environment, temperature, lighting, comfort, noise, technology, let alone the fear of a deadly virus.

Despite all these adjustments, the sudden lack of good quality coffee and high levels of caffeine is certainly having some impact on employees work.




Now there is a fantastic new way to reward your office home workers with good coffee. 


We have been working very hard at Maverick Coffee Company to offer a home workers coffee scheme for businesses in the UK, to cater for the new normal way of working from home. We are proud to be the first and exclusive UK coffee company, offering a coffee delivery service for home workers. 



Employers are now able to set up an up-front tab system, whereby their staff can log into Maverick Coffee’s website and order their own bag of freshly roasted coffee to have at home. The coffee will be paid for in advance so employees will not need to worry about paying themselves. The team will simply order their preferred coffee, choose the grind type and follow instructions on how to place their order. Their chosen freshly roasted coffee will arrive through their door two days later via Royal Mail.

The employer can check usage and uptake of the scheme via a report, with the option top up the tab as little or as often as they wish.

Employee benefits and perks are a great way to recruit and retain staff and create a good culture at a workplace. Our home workers office coffee scheme is an innovative way to introduce a new perk to these changing times and work habits.

Not only is this a great new perk for employees, it should also result in a happier, more productive and focused workforce!



Are you an employer or office manager that wants to find out more about how you can implement this perk at your company?

Or perhaps you are an employee and you want to suggest the scheme to your boss?

Find out more and get in touch.








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