• The truth about compostable coffee pods

    The market for compostable pods has boomed in the last few years. With more of us making a conscious effort to do out part for the environment, more and more companies have jumped on the compostable pod wagon. We're all making better choices, but is this the right one?
  • What Makes Maverick Coffee Company Different?

    This is a question we get asked a lot. Why buy from Maverick? There a lots of reasons, but here are the MOST important points we'd like you to know... 1. We are a small, independent company. We're two sisters working together, doing what we love, and we are so passionate about the coffee and prod...
  • Our new recyclable coffee bags with a carbon-neutral footprint

    Sadly, we can't deny that our climate is changing. The environmental, economic and social impact is huge. Excessive emission of greenhouse gases contributes to this and unfortunately the packaging industry is a bit part of that. Here at Maverick, we wanted to be part of the change and are trying ...