My happy jar: A collection of daily notes about what I look forward to when Covid-19 is gone



Most of us reach for the kettle/coffee machine first thing in the morning to fuel us for the day ahead. We thought we would share a lovely idea we are implementing here at Maverick Coffee to create happiness and positivity during this lockdown. It was suggested by my best friend in Norway as this is something she has started doing.


Every morning when you have your first cup of coffee, take a moment to sit down. Whilst you are sip on your morning brew, think of one thing you are looking forward to doing when Covid-19 is over.


It might be as small as going to the beach, going for coffee with your best friend or going to the gym. It might be seeing your parents again, cuddling your sisters dog or going on a road trip.


Grab a piece of paper and write it down and stick in a dreams jar. Perhaps the family can all join in and you can have a jar each.


Whenever, you are feeling a little down about the current situation, grab the jar and read of all of the wonderful things you are going to be doing soon. Dream about going to your happy place.


Make it a daily ritual and start the day on this positive mindset.


Wishing you all health and happiness :)


Pippa & Natalie