You can now reuse your Nespresso Vertuo Pod

You can now reuse your Nespresso Vertuo Pod

When Nespresso lost their patent on their OriginalLine pods back in 2012, supermarkets and coffee roasters seized the opportunity and produced their own compatible coffee pods. As a result, Nespresso pod sales took a sharp decline.

This hit Nespresso hard because they make their millions through pod sales. Nespresso tend to sell their machines extremely cheaply in the hope that customers will keep spending with them for years to come by purchasing their Nespresso coffee pods.



Nespresso launched a new machine called Vertuo in 2014 which they patented. Its innovative technology allows you to enjoy pods that come in 5 different sizes. The technology has a barcode reader which scans the pods and recognises the pod size and therefore, how much water to pass through for the perfect extraction. It's a great machine and what's even better for Nespresso is ....... you guessed it, it's patented!

This means you won't find any other brands selling coffee pods for the Nespresso® VertuoLine.


As specialists in the reusable pod market, we have been asked for years whether we offer a reusable pod. We have spent many hours, days and months looking into our options and if it was something we could get around.





We are extremely pleased to say that we now offer VLids which are foil lids to fit the original Nespresso® capsule pod base. It sounds a bit fiddly but actually it's very simple to do and you can reuse the Nespresso® base multiple times. Once you have cut off the originally lid with a sharp knife (be careful), you simply scoop out the old coffee and reuse. Pretty simple! You can do this with any VertuoLine capsule and simply fill with your favourite ground coffee.

We will be uploading a simple step-by-step video soon but in the meantime you can follow our basic instructions below:

Instructions for use:

  • Carefully remove the original lid from your Nespresso Vertuo pod using a sharp knife. Empty the coffee, rinse and dry.
  • Fill the pod with coffee (fine grind) and apply a sticker lid, making sure it's completely sealed around the edge by pressing firmly.
  • Extract your coffee as normal. Once the pod is cool enough, remove the sticker lid and rinse the coffee out ready for its next use.

These aluminium foil lids can be recycled by most local UK authorities. We recommend checking with your local authority if you are unsure.




You can purchase our SealPod VLids here. 

Try today with our beautifully roasted Perfect For Pods coffee. Select a fine grind for any of our coffee blends if using in Nespresso machines.