Our new recyclable coffee bags with a carbon-neutral footprint

Sadly, we can't deny that our climate is changing. The environmental, economic and social impact is huge. Excessive emission of greenhouse gases contributes to this and unfortunately the packaging industry is a bit part of that. Here at Maverick, we wanted to be part of the change and are trying our hardest to offer sustainable packaging and products wherever we can.

You may have noticed that we've given our coffee packaging a bit of a face-lift, and are proud to say that our new coffee pouches are recyclable! It's been 6 months of painstaking research and hunting around for eco-friendly alternatives to our bags, and we found that there is actually very little on the market which is recyclable and still able to keep coffee fresh. We heard about 'compostable' coffee bags...."YES!" we said, "Let's use compostable bags, that's amazing!". But when we delved into the idea further, it turns out that these compostable bags can only be put into industrial composters, NOT in your little garden compost bin. Well that's no good for our customers, is it?

So in the end, we took the decision to move away from aluminium linings which are a big pollutant, and also away from single-use plastic. Our new bags are the most eco-friendly option available to us on the market right now, and we are really pleased with them. They are 100% plastic (no aluminium) which means they can go into your normal household recycling. Not only that, our bags are also certified CO2-neutral. But just what does that mean? Read on...

The manufacturer that we purchase our coffee bags from work hard to ensure that their bags are CO2-neutral.

This means that the CO2 emissions released by producing these bags are compensated by one of the carefully selected climate projects of Climate Neutral Group. These climate projects take place in coffee producing countries such as Tanzania, where our manufacturer will contribute to biogas projects. By investing in these climate projects, they reduce the CO2 emissions and then compensate the emissions that are made by the production of the bags. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, it also offers opportunities for the local people, such as knowledge transfer, environmental improvement and stimulation of the local economy.

We are really proud to be able to offer our customers are much more eco-friendly option for their coffee packaging. At present in the UK, these bags can be put into the plastic recycling where they will be sorted into the relevant waste stream and recycled accordingly.* We also think they look and feel rather beautiful too! We hope you like them :)

Oh, and did we mention we use completely recyclable postal packaging too?

Recyclable Postal Packaging

*Allowances for plastic recycling does vary from country to country, and even county to county in the UK. So although these bags are recyclable in the majority of places, it's worth checking with your local authority to make sure they do accept this kind of plastic.
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