Let's Talk About Zero-Waste Shops

Let's Talk About Zero-Waste Shops

Zero waste shops are an incredible, revolutionary new way to shop and help the environment.

Excess, unnecessary packaging (single-use plastic in particular) is a huge problem, and one that many of us are paying for in every single one of our shopping bills.

In most zero-waste shops, you'll find a treasure-trove of environmentally friendly, organic and sustainable products. Pasta, grains, seeds and dried fruit are usually served from hoppers to avoid plastic packaging. Washing-up liquid and laundry products can be pumped into old squeezy bottles. Environmentally friendly products such as bamboo toothbrushes and plastic-free dental floss are just a couple of the beauty products available on the market.

There are some fantastic zero waste shops all over the UK now. The Larder in Brentwood offer a fantastic range of eco products but also offer barista takeaway coffee and delicious cake so you can fuel up after filling your containers.

For Earth's Sake in Cranleigh, Surrey has been popular addition to the high street since it opened its doors in 2019 and has become a hub for conscious shoppers who want to put the planet first.


Why are zero waste shops good for the environment?

Zero waste shops help you to:

  • Cut down on unnecessary plastic and single-use packaging
  • Cut down on food waste by purchasing only what you need
  • Eat healthier, more organic and sustainable ingredients
  • Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Refill beauty and hygiene bottles such as shampoo and hand-wash
  • Support local suppliers and put money back into your local economy

      Coffee Refill Bags

      Coffee is something that can easily be bought from zero-waste shops. As part of our wholesale coffee offering, we supply our coffee in bulk 5kg bags, specifically for refill and zero-waste shops. Our refill bags have a valve to keep the coffee fresh so the beans can be stored in them on the shop floor or put in an airtight container for customers to help themselves to, filling up their own coffee canisters when they visit the shop.

      Biodegradable Tea & Refill Packs

      Maverick Tea is 100% biodegradable with a really luxury look and feel. Our Eco-tubes are beautiful cardboard tins filled with 18 tea bags. Our refill packs contain 18 or 100 tea bags, so returning customers need not buy another eco-tube, but instead re-use the tubes by simply buying refill bags of their favourite blends. This means customers are reducing the amount of packaging they buy, making our tea a perfect product for a zero-waste shop. Even the refill bag is made of NatureFlex, so is 100% compostable! No waste here.

      If you're interested in stocking our products in a zero-waste shop, please head over to our wholesale website to find out more information, and to register for a trade account:

      Maverick Wholesale