Let's begin our journey into the wonderful world of coffee together

Let's begin our journey into the wonderful world of coffee together

As explained in my first blog 'Supermarket Coffee Vs Freshly Roasted Coffee', my knowledge of coffee a few years ago was pretty basic. In the last few years though, I have really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of coffee and just how much there is to it! 

I want to take you on this journey with me and learn everything I have, right from the basics. 

Are you interested in learning more about coffee but have no idea where to start? Maybe you visited a speciality coffee shop recently and were intrigued by the science experiment taking place on the counter? Or maybe you just appreciate a fine cup of coffee and you want to learn more to achieve the perfect cup at home?

Coffee is a vast subject; from coffee beans, origins, process methods, roasting methods, blending and so much more. Then there are brewing methods from espresso to drip coffee such as a Chemex, V60, other drip accessories to various other amazingly smart brewing methods such as the Aeropress. The list goes on... 

In all honesty, the complexity of coffee was a daunting picture for me a few years ago when I started my coffee journey. However, since taking the plunge and quitting my corporate job (which was making me miserable and life is far too short to be unhappy), I took a chance, followed my passion and delved into a career of coffee. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the last few years. So the first series of my blog is going to feature all of the basics to coffee that I have learnt. Knowledge is better when shared after all right? 

I am fully aware that I am by no means an expert. There are plenty of people out there with a lot more knowledge than me and many more years of experience behind them. But we all have to start from somewhere. I am still learning every single day and this blog is all about taking you on this coffee journey with me. Let's learn the basic of coffee together - there will be no judging or twiddly moustache snobbery here!


I don't want these blogs to just be Maverick's Coffee Co's one-sided view. I want this to be a real-time and real-life blog with on-going interaction with all of you at home. I would love for you to get involved with each and every blog. Share your own experiences about each topic, include pictures, share with us that you have found an even better method to achieving the perfect brew. Let's learn from each other and go on this coffee journey together. 


I have already covered why freshly roasted coffee is so important in my first blog. Next I am going to cover the wide variety of brewing techniques that you can have achieve at home; from brewing accessories to home coffee machines. We aren't just going to talk about how to use them, we are going to talk about why people use them and give our own honest review. We can’t wait to hear to your views too.

Let's go on this journey together. Keep an eye out for my next blog soon! Oh and remember ..... REFUSE TO DRINK ORDINARY.