Introducing our new traceable No.4 House Coffee Blend

Introducing our new traceable No.4 House Coffee Blend

Coffee with a conscience: Introducing our new No.4 House Blend

We have some exciting changes happening with our coffee. As with all things seasonal, some of the beans that make up our coffee blends have come to the end of the season and so we have had to make a few tweaks. Fear not! We have worked really hard to flavour match every blend so the
replacement beans taste similar.... but even better!
What's more, we've selected new beans that are traceable back to the farmers that have grown them, so you now know exactly where your coffee has come from. We recently wrote a blog
explaining why traceability is important here. (link to new blog)
Each week, we're going to feature a Coffee of the Week and tell you a little but more about it's origin.

This week we're starting with the most popular of all our blends....The House No.4 Coffee.

No.4 Origin Fact Sheet

Maverick Coffee House Blend - No.4

The No.4 coffee is our most popular house blend. A medium-roast with a smooth nutty flavour, this coffee has a subtle sweetness and a pleasant finish. Subtle flavour notes of caramel, chocolate & toffee. This is a 100% Arabica blend.


  • Costa Rica
    Region: Noranjo, West Valley
    Estate: Finca Santa Anita
  • Brazil
    Region: Ipanema
    Estate: Guima Estate
  • Colombia
    Region: Noino
    Estate: Asoproa Estate



  • Espresso
  • Moka Pot
  • Filter
  • Cafetiere / French Press

The House No.4 blend is a great all-rounder, perhaps explaining why it is the all-time favourite of our customers. We are so pleased with the new match and being able to share full traceability of the regions and estates where the beans grow.

Grab your self a bag!

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