Reduce your plastic in 2020 starting with your morning coffee

Reduce your plastic in 2020 starting with your morning coffee

The new year is a time of reflection and a chance to visualise about what you want for the year ahead.

Many of us like to come up with a new year's resolution however, I think we are all guilty of not sticking to this. It’s much more achievable to set yourself goals that are realistic without creating too much effort or change that is difficult to stick to.

One thing that many of us are hoping to achieve in 2020 is to reduce our plastic consumption. Well now there is a way to do this every single day, sometimes several times a day whenever you drink a cup of coffee.


Do you have a coffee pod machine at home?

One third of all Brits own a pod machine and the market for single use pods is booming! But have you ever thought about how much plastic is being used for every single pod which is consumed in less than a minute? If you are interested in the scary statistic of single use pods and plastic waste then you can check out our earlier blog here on Why Coffee Pods are an Environmental Disaster.

Companies like Nespresso and other leading brands make the majority of their revenue from selling single use coffee capsules so this isn't likely to stop anytime soon. However, in recent years SealPod introduced an eco-friendly reusable coffee pod. SealPod is leading the way in the sustainability of the coffee pod industry by eliminating single use plastics that end up in landfill.


What is SealPod?

SealPod is a stainless steel coffee pod that is compatible with most Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines.

 There are so many benefits to using SealPod: 

- They're made of hard-wearing stainless steel, so they should last for years.
- They're easy to clean.
- They're easy to pre-fill and store, for added convenience when you're in a hurry.
- You'll save money on expensive single-use plastic capsules.
- You'll have complete freedom over your coffee choice
(perhaps you have a favourite blend that you drink at a local coffee shop?)



Make the switch to SealPod in 2020

So, if you want to reduce your plastic consumption in 2020 and you are a coffee drinker, we think this is the perfect way to start. If you have an average of two cups of coffee per day, then this simple change will prevent 730 plastic pods going to landfill in 2020.


Lets save this beautiful planet, one coffee at a time.