Could you afford a swanky home coffee machine? The answer is probably yes.

Today we are talking coffee consumption. It’s pretty obvious that the UK is high up there as a coffee loving nation! Everywhere we go, we see coffee shop after coffee shop. Whenever I catch the train, I can’t help but notice how many commuters are holding a takeaway coffee in their hand. 

So today, we are delving deeper into the truth behind our obsessive coffee habits and sharing some interesting statistics about how much we really spend on coffee as a nation.


UK Coffee Consumption



Research Without Borders (RWB) published the most recent findings on UK coffee consumer habits, which involved a study of 1,036 Brits in 2017.

Results revealed that 80% of the participants in the study said they went to a coffee shop at least three times a week, with their total average spend coming out at £8.52 per visit. However, this was increased to £13.85 because 78% said they spent £5.33 on transport, to and from the shop.

When we delve into this further, it’s fascinating to learn that the average person spent a total of £2,100 on coffee per year! That’s 8% of the £27,000 average UK salary.

Is it just me or are you shocked by those numbers?

I really do find it astonishing that people are spending as much as 8% of their salary on coffee (away from home). In the last few years, it seems like prices of goods are going up but wages are not increasing in line to compensate for this. Those of us on an average UK wage are having less disposable income than ever before. However, it seems that us Brits are just too mad about coffee to give up our daily ritual and I am certainly one of them. I just love my coffee too much!


Cutting down on my coffee spending



Instead of cutting down on my coffee consumption (that was never going to happen), I decided last year, to crack down on my spending on coffee. I took the plunge to invest in a good quality coffee machine at home and stop buying coffees when I was out.

I have to admit that I didn’t scrimp on my choice of coffee machine so it wasn’t cheap. However, the reason for this is because a cheap coffee machine will not give me my equivalent café style coffee and I would only have been disappointed.

A decent coffee machine will offer similar features to a commercial espresso machine and deliver a really good cup of coffee (if made well). Build, quality, speed and added technology such as pre-infusion really is key to achieving a fantastic ‘barista style’ coffee at home. We can chat more about that another day.



Since investing in my gorgeous coffee machine, I have to say that I think it’s one of the best purchases I have ever made. I now make myself a cup of coffee in the morning to drink whilst I get ready for my day. I then make another one for on-the-go in my reusable takeaway cup. I no longer buy one on my way to work and I think I have probably saved myself around £400 so far.

My coffee machine should last approximately ten years! So it really is a no-brainer for me that coffee machine really was a great investment. I have a new love for coffee; not only do I enjoy drinking it but now I love making it too and am enjoying new things every week about the art to a great cup of coffee.



So what about you…..


How much do you spend on coffee?


Do you think those statistics are a reflection of you and your coffee spending habits? How much money do you spend on coffee on the average week? Do you realise that if you stopped buying coffee away from home, you might also be able to afford a really swanky home coffee machine in a year or so?


How about you take part in our 'One Year Coffee Challenge'?



  1. Get yourself a savings jar and label it ‘coffee machine fund’.
  2. Do some research and choose which beautiful home coffee machine you would like (If you don’t know where to start, give us a call at Maverick Coffee Co for some advice).
  3. Print a picture and stick to the jar if helps to motivate you.
  4. Add funds every week to the jar (equivalent of your average weekly spend of takeaway coffees).
  5. Set yourself a goal for year and see that money grow. You might just be amazed at the gorgeous, shiny new coffee machine you can afford in just one years’ time.


Please let us know if you are taking part in this challenge. We are always so keen to hear stories from you and we would love you to share similar experiences.

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