Here's what we really think about Black Friday....

This is quite a tricky post to write for a number of reasons and we are aware that we may sound hypocritical when it comes to this frenzy of a shopping event. As you can see from our social media accounts, we are taking part in Black Friday, and we will be offering discounts on every single one our products. The reason for that? every other business, we would love to make more sales in the run up to Christmas! Who wouldn't? But in all honestly, we don't feel 100% comfortable in doing so. Here's why...

1. We are a small business, only having launched in the last year. Our profit margins are small....teeny tiny compared to the margins of the huge retail giants. Therefore we simply can't offer the massive discounts that they can or we'll lose money. We simply can't compete with them and we are fully aware that our offering may seem measly in comparison. It's not because we are stingy, it's down to affordability. 

2. We REALLY want to support small businesses, those businesses who are run by a one or two man band. When you buy from a small business, you are helping to pay for a new pair of school shoes or to put food on the table for that particular business owner. But as mentioned above, the huge Black Friday discounts that the big retail giants offer WILL persuade us to buy from them, rather than these little businesses, and that doesn't sit well with us.

3. It encourages needless spending. "Oh great, that totally pointless piece of tat which will most likely never be used is only twenty quid in the Black Friday Sale! I MUST HAVE IT!"... Why? I'd much rather spend my money on quality products that will have a purpose and be fully appreciated.

4. We actually don't want to be seen as a 'cheap' brand because we are not. We pride ourselves on stocking really great quality products, and our customers really, truly appreciate how well made and unique our items are. We don't sell cheap goods that will break in a matter of weeks, which can often be the type of product you'll most likely get in a Black Friday sale. Excellence comes at a higher price.

Like we said, we are partaking in Black Friday because we would be silly not to and we do like the whole festive excitement that goes with it. On a personal note, we won't be lining the pockets of these large companies and filling our homes with needless things. We will be buying from small businesses and investing in good quality products that last a lifetime. We hope you will too!