Dispatches: The Truth About Your Nespresso® Coffee

Dispatches: The Truth About Your Nespresso® Coffee

We were saddened to learn of the truth behind Nespresso® and their supply chain last week after watching Channel 4’s Dispatches: "Starbucks and Nespresso: The Truth Behind Your Coffee”. 

During the 30 minute episode, we saw reporter ‘Antony Barnett’ go undercover at some of the Cooperatives in Guatamala that supply Nespresso® and Starbucks. 


coffee beans growing

What did they discover on the Nespresso coffee farms?

During the Dispatches documentary, we were shocked at the number of children working on the coffee farms and carrying heavy sacks of picked coffee beans up the hills to be weighed so they could be paid. These children looked as young as eleven or twelve years old and instead of going to school, they were working on the coffee farms to help pay for their families basic essentials including food. Some of them were working a gruelling 12 hours a day.

Nespresso® have always claimed their coffee is ethical and they claim to have ‘zero tolerance’ of child labour however, this was not the case as Dispatches discovered.

Dispatches visited seven coffee farms that supply Nespresso® and children were found working on all seven farms. 

coffee bean sacks piled up

Nespresso’s® UK sales topped £1billion with more than 20 billion coffee capsules being sold worldwide. In a world where our demand for coffee is ever increasing, it seems that large corporations such as Nestle (the umbrella company behind Nespresso®), are losing sight and transparency in their supply chain.

Ethical alternatives to Nespresso® Coffee

Despite this shocking discovery, there is a way to control the coffee you drink and this doesn’t mean you have to stop using your coffee pod machine.

If you are a Nespresso® or Dolce Gusto® coffee drinker there is now a guilt-free alternative!

sealpod reusable coffee pods

SealPod reusable coffee capsules are the leading reusable pod brand that offers you the same excellent cup of coffee due to their excellent patented design. Not only is SealPod a much better choice for the environment, it also allows you to choose your very own coffee. With more and more micro coffee roasters popping up around the UK, we are so spoilt for choice! Many of these have direct traceability of their coffee beans and can pin-point exact farms where there coffee beans are sourced. You can choose a coffee that suits your own ethics, and refill your reusable coffee pod which is compatible with your Nespresso® machine.

Make the switch to reusable coffee capsules and with one small step, you can support your local independents whilst helping to save the planet.

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sealpod ethical alternative to nespresso coffee