Choosing the right grind for your coffee at home

Choosing the right grind for your coffee at home

It can be confusing when choosing the right grind type for you to have at home. Sometimes coffee terminology can be confusing and a little overwhelming. So, here is a simple summary of the different grind types and which one might suit you, depending on the coffee method you use at home:


GRIND SIZE: Fine/Espresso 

SUITABLE FOR: Any type of espresso machine with a portafilter.

This grind type is used for those that have any type of espresso machine at home. This means you have a handle with a basket (portafilter), which you fill with coffee and tamp down. The hot water then comes through the coffee at high pressure to make an espresso.

The coffee needs to be very fine due to the high pressure of the water that passes through the coffee in the portafilter. This ensures there is a good extraction and the best flavour of espresso is produced.


GRIND SIZE: Medium/Filter 


  • A filter coffee machine which automatically drips hot water into a funnel of coffee
  • A manual way of making drip coffee, also known as a pour over ie. A V60/Chemex
  • A Moka Pot (the Italian design, stovetop coffee maker)
  • An AeroPress


The coffee needs to be ground to a medium setting to ensure the unique flavours are produced from this slow and low pressure process.



SUITABLE FOR: Cafetiere (otherwise known as a French Press).

This grind should be very coarse when it is sitting in the hot water to ensure the flavours come through. This is a slow and still brewing process.


Still confused?

If you still aren't sure then just get in touch and we would be happy to advise you on the grind type.

Alternatively, you can simply add a note to your order i.e. the machine or coffee accessory you have and we will pick this up when grinding your coffee.

Happy drinking!