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Barista Training in your Home

These days, more and more of us are appreciating a really good cup of coffee and won't settle for anything less. New coffee shops are opening in the UK every week and it doesn’t look like this trend is slowing down any time soon. 



Coffee is becoming a lot more exciting with new micro-roasteries popping up all over the country every year. With that, brings new and exciting coffees to wet our appetites and widen our coffee palette.

As these trends suggest, we are now spending a lot more of our income in coffee shops. Research suggests that Brits spent an average of £2,210 per year in coffee shops last year. That’s an eighth of the average UK salary! However, its not just the coffee shop market that is booming .....




As more of us are realising the value in a good cup of coffee, there has also been a sharp increase in the home coffee machine market. Home coffee machines are flying off the shelves and we are investing more money on achieving the perfect cup of coffee at home.

An increasing number of us are taking it upon ourselves to awaken the ‘inner barista’ in us at home. After all, why should be pay over £2000 every year, only to achieve the same quality latte or cappuccino that we can now make ourselves?

The average cost of a mid-range home barista coffee machine is approximately £450, which is just a quarter of the average UK consumer coffee shop spend per year. Therefore, a machine would pay for itself in just three months for those that fall into these statistics.

Coffee machine technology is becoming smarter too which means that you don’t actually need to be a barista to get a great coffee. You can now achieve the perfect cappuccino with a good bean-to-cup machine, just by the touch of button. The Sage Barista Touch is a great choice for this effortless technology at a brilliant price.



However, there are also some fantastic coffee machines out there that allow you to take control, experiment and become your loved one’s very own personal barista at home. The Sage Barista Express is a great example of a home espresso machine that will allow you to do just this. It has a built in grinder and manual milk steam wand so you can experiment with the grind, extraction and milk steaming and really have some fun.

Alternatively, if you want to go one step further and really up your coffee game, then we would highly recommend the stylish and versatile Fracino Classico or Heavenly espresso coffee machine, along with a separate Fracino grinder. Learn a whole new skillset of grinder adjustment, extractions and milk steaming; just like a professional barista. The Fracino espresso machines feature dual boiler and PID technology, allowing you to have a commercial coffee machine in your own home.



With so many great options out there, we envisage that the home coffee market will continue to boom, with new and exciting machines entering the market.




What’s even better, is now there’s plenty of opportunity to train to become a barista at home. Gone are the days where you needed to work in a coffee shop to have barista training from the experts. Many roasteries now offer barista training courses for the coffee enthusiast at their sites. All coffee machines work in a similar way and it’s easy to relate training on a commercial machine to your own espresso machine when you get back home.


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We wanted to take this one step further at Maverick Coffee Co. We will come to you at your home and train on your very own coffee machine. We understand that you want to learn everything there is to learn on your very own espresso machine, so our expert trainers are on hand to offer you a personalised one-to-one training session. Learn what each button does and how to re-programme your shots. Even better, we can train up to two people so your loved one can join in too!

To find out more about the course and prices, go to our Barista Training page.



The home barista training session is also a great gift idea for the coffee lover in your life. Whether it’s a christmas, birthday or valentines day present; this might just be the perfect gift for the coffee addict in your life.


*Please note, Maverick Coffee Co are currently only offering barista training in the counties of Sussex,, Surrey, Kent & Hampshire at this time.