• Black Friday Sale - Up to 60% Off!

    What a year it's been at Maverick HQ! We hope you've all had a fantastic 2019, and are ready for the Christmas festivities to begin.  We're kicking off Christmas with up to 60% off all items in our Black Friday Sale. We've got kitchenware from Scandinavian designer, Stelton, plus goodies from Bar... View Post
  • Why Coffee Pods Are An Environmental Disaster

    Single-use coffee pods add to the devastating effect that plastic pollution is having on our planet. By switching to reusable coffee capsules, such as SealPod, you can help reduce consumption and do you bit to help save the planet. Here's more about why we are leading the change and encouraging our customers to make the switch... View Post
  • Reused, Repurposed, Reloved.

    Want beautifully soft skin, and care about the environment? Our new UpCircle beauty products are made with repurposed coffee grounds which are sourced from artisan coffee shops in London. What's the big deal, you ask? Well that means less waste going to landfill... hurrah! View Post