• Let's focus on the good! We discuss acts of kindness during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Is this a dream? For the past week, I have been waking up each morning and thinking “is this a dream”? I think I speak for a lot of the world that has been opening their eyes with the same thoughts. The reality is that Coronavirus is here and it is being felt by almost everyone worldwide. It’s a ... View Post
  • Dispatches: The Truth About Your Nespresso® Coffee

    We were saddened to learn of the truth behind Nespresso® and their supply chain last week after watching Channel 4’s Dispatches: "Starbucks and Nespresso: The Truth Behind Your Coffee”.  During the 30 minute episode, we saw reporter ‘Antony Barnett’ go undercover at some of the Cooperatives in Gu... View Post
  • Why compostable pods aren't the answer

    As we all know, single-use pods are devastating to our planet. Billions and billions of single use pods (made up of plastic and aluminium) go to landfill every year and can take over hundreds of years to break down. Nespresso founder even described their pods as a "terrible mistake!"  As more an... View Post