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Covid-19 Update

We are working hard to keep our online business up and running throughout the COVID-19 developments and are continuing to ship orders Monday-Friday. Royal Mail are experiencing some delays so please allow some extra time for your order to arrive.

At Maverick HQ, we have been taking extra precautions with hand washing and cleaning all surfaces and equipment extensively with anti-bacterial solution. We thank all of our customers for their continued support of our little business, and we hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy.

No Excuse For Single Use

We're on a mission to make a positive difference and help reduce the number of single-use coffee pods going to landfill. That's why we are a proud stockist and UK Distributor of SealPod Reusable Coffee Capsules.

SealPod capsules are a new eco-friendly way of brewing coffee using your Nespresso® or Dolce Gusto® coffee machine. Instead of using single-use plastic pods, you can now use stainless steel reusable pods time and time again, without sending any more plastic capsules to landfill.

Why Choose Reusable Coffee Capsules?

Since BBC2's Blue Planet highlighted the devastating impact single-use plastic is having on the environment, we have seen a monumental shift in consumers changing their buying habits and choosing more sustainable options. Nearly 1/3 of Brits own a Nespresso® or Dolce Gusto® coffee machine, yet sadly most of them do not recycle their pods and that means nearly 1 BILLION single-use capsules end up in landfill every single year. By making a switch to reusable SealPod coffee capsules, you're reducing that amount of waste and helping to create a better future for our planet.

SealPod coffee capsules have other great benefits, too. They're made of hard-wearing stainless steel, so they should last for years. They're easy to clean and easy to pre-fill and store (for added convenience when you're in a hurry). And of course, you'll have complete freedom over your coffee choice, no longer being restricted to the coffee in those plastic pre-filled pods.

Sound good? Why not take a look at our range of SealPod capsules...


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